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The video of Jambo looking over Levan Merritt at the Jersey Zoo was voted number one by the Channel Island public as the “Shot that shook the Island.” More here

Jambo Poem Lisa C Wilkinson

I was 15 and at school when we did a project about Jambo, we had to write a poem about the incident. My poem was chosen as one of the favourites. So I thought I'd share it with you. This is the oldest poem I have, its 18 years old. Strange thing is Jambo died on my daughters 1st birthday.

God bless you Jambo.

Lisa C Wilkinson

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I sat in my compound sad and depressed
so lonely and tired
day after day just the normal routine
sitting around waiting for them
whoever they are
often when I look around I hear a cry from above
those animals must be scared of me but why? I do no harm
Then it all happened this object fell
I thought it would never land
It let out a shriek as it fell to the ground
and the cry still echoed around me

I guarded him with gentle care
They treat me like King Kong
They thought I was going to hurt this boy
They really were so wrong

So whats the use in trying Jambo
No-one appreciates anything

Lisa C Wilkinson

copyright Brian Le lion 2012