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The video of Jambo looking over Levan Merritt at the Jersey Zoo was voted number one by the Channel Island public as the “Shot that shook the Island.” More here

Ya Kwanza

Ya Kwanza

Ya Kwanza was Jersey Zoo’s male silverback gorilla weighing in at 235kgs, sucsessor to our much loved Jambo. He was born on the 3rd June 1984. He was the first gorilla ever born in Melbourne Australia and the first gorilla to be born by artificial insemination. Hence the name "Ya Kwanza" which means "the first" in Swahili.

Ya Kwanza, the silverback gorilla at Durrell in Jersey is leaving the island

Unfortunately n his 18 years in Jersey, Ya Kwanza has turned his back on all but one female introducing only one surviving offspring.

He joined a bachelor group in France, which will make way in Durrell's group, for a younger and hopefully more virile male to help with the captive breeding vital for the conservation of the Western Lowland Gorilla,

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